Paid media

The backbone to every digital marketing strategy, and arguably the
most important part to any lead generation campaign is PPC.

Search advertising

We’ll ensure you capitalise on target audiences searching for your products / services

Drive highly relevant audiences to your landing pages with Proventus conversion optimised paid search campaigns. A key part of the lead generation funnel, PPC campaigns are vital to engage your target market and secure them in the buying cycle.

On average, our campaigns deliver ROAS (return on ad spend) of around 2-4x what is spent in the network.

On average you need at least 10-12 touchpoints before an individual will enquire / buy from your brand.


Retargeting plays an important role in any results based marketing campaign

To keep consumers engaged, ensuring you are regularly exposing them to your brand and reinforcing your message is key. Retargeting allows you to frequently show your ads to customers that you know are interested in your products / services and entice them to progress to the next stage in the buying cycle.

As part of the lead generation funnel marketing strategy, your retargeting ads will show different artwork and messaging at different points in a user’s buying cycle. Increasing ROAS, ROI & conversion rates.

Shopping ads

Dominate Google shopping

Maximise your product exposure with the largest price comparison tool. Google shopping ads are a great way of increasing touch points and increasing conversions through search based shopping.

With the right setup and optimisation, shopping ads can become the biggest ROAS channel in your online marketing strategy. Proventus will help you setup your shopping feeds, implement in the network and ensure all is approved, then expert setup and optimisation to ensure your products are the first to be seen.

See how paid media works within lead generation funnel marketing strategies!

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