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Paid search specialists

We are proud to be Google partner search specialists and it’s proof of the great work we provide our clients. Search advertising can be a beast, but with Proventus Digital as your digital agency partner we can slay it together!

We use the best industry practices and agency secrets to ensure instant results for our marketing partners. Our experts have headed up Google award-winning teams around paid search advertising in the past.

With the right setup and optimisation, paid search can be the most powerful channel in your online advertising strategy, with returns of up to 5000%+ ROI for some of our marketing partners. On average, Proventus Digital can improve your average positions by almost double within the first 8-10 weeks of any campaign with SKAG implementation (Get in touch to find out more!).

All of this then rolled into our unique lead generation funnel marketing strategies, lines your business up for exponential growth.

Ad rank is king

What is Ad rank? Ad rank is the ranking system that most ad networks use to define the position of an advert within the ad serving bidding cycle. In layman’s terms, it’s how relevant Google (or any other network) defines you are too specific target markets.

For paid search advertising, ensuring your ad rank is high is very important. E.g. If you’re a digital marketing agency and you want to show for the keyword search “digital marketing” then you need to show Google that you’re the most relevant for that keyword compared to your competitors.

This can be quite difficult to achieve, especially if your industry is quite competitive online. However, with the correct strategy, setup, implementation, and optimisation Proventus Digital can help you maximise your ad rank scores to get you into that position 1.0 that everyone is after.

Return on ad spend

By most accounts, the difference in click-through rate from position 1 to position 2 is almost double. Meaning, that even if you’re at a cushty position two in a highly competitive keyword search, you can still be doing much better.

In most cases, a higher CTR = increased ROAS. So you as a business need to be constantly optimising your campaigns to either stay the best or become the best. Proventus Digital has all the tools available to help you reach that peak and stay there. 

With all the knowledge, experience, tips and tricks at our disposal and a history of implementing and optimising top of the line paid search strategies, you can rest easy knowing you have the right digital agency partners running your campaigns. All of this then rolled into Proventus Digital’s unique lead generation funnel marketing campaigns will further help you increase ROI from your campaigns.

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