The Pet Company

Case study


The Pet Company, formally “The Pet Medicine Company” is an online e-commerce store founded in 2009 which predominantly sells equine, cat & dog, small pets & bird medicines – ranging from wormers to anti-flea and supplements. With its 10 year anniversary fast approaching, The Pet Company wanted to update their site and branding with a modern look to increase conversions and attract new customers.

With a steady revenue, The Pet Company knew they needed to change something to grow the company. Proventus was asked to fully manage the re-brand and new marketing strategy online and offline.

January 2019

Project start

May 2019

New site launch

June 2019

Highest sales profit month ever




As an established brand of nearly 10 years, The Pet Medicine Company didn’t want to start from scratch, but simply refresh the logo and branding to attract new and retain loyal customers.

After the initial project scope and brand investigation, one of our first recommendations was to expand the product range to a wider range of pet products as well as medicines to enable more product sales. To reflect this wider range of products, we evolved the name and logo to ‘The Pet Company’ and added the strapline ‘Supporting happy, healthy pets’ to encapsulate the brand’s core values.

The website

With conversion rates struggling, the biggest priority of the whole project was to improve the website and create an easier, more engaging user journey.

The existing website was using an outdated, clunky system which made it difficult to manage website updates and customer orders. Based on this, we advised creating a brand new website and moving to a more flexible CMS such as Opencart.

Moving to Opencart allowed us to examine and improve the structure of the website and create a new journey flow for customers.

We started with the homepage, making the search feature more prominent to enable users to easily look for products and placing additional category banners to help users navigate throughout the site.

We also made drastic improvements to the product pages, adding more information and making the process of adding products to cart and purchasing much easier. We also added “Recommended Products” on the product pages, ensuring the basket value of each customer could be increased, showing more relevant products to specific target audiences.


To protect both customers and suppliers, there are strict rules for selling pet medicines online which are enforced by governing bodies. To comply with these rules, a number of questions must be asked before certain products can be purchased regarding the health of the pet the product is intended for.

On the original site, this created some major UX issues as if you bought multiple products where the questions need to be asked, you had to answer the questions up to 2 or 3 times. A huge put off for customers who want a quick and easy buying process.

We resolved this by moving the questions to the basket, meaning customers only had to complete the questions once if buying multiple products that need the questions answered.

The Pet Club

The nature of pet products means that customers are looking to buy regularly and to encourage this, we created a loyalty scheme called ‘The Pet Club’. This free club enticed customers to sign up, rather than checkout as a guest, to receive offers and 2% cashback on every purchase which is stored in a wallet on the site. To encourage previous customers to re-register, they were awarded “founding membership” which pushed their cashback to 5% on every purchase.

The Pet Club also allows customers to create pet profiles which allows them to upload hotos of their pets and manage the medicines for each pet.

Results based marketing

At the start of May, as the site was about to launch we implemented a unique lead generation funnel marketing strategy for The Pet Company. This included a fully cohesive online channel strategy of paid search, dynamic retargeting, search engine optimisation & Google shopping.

Google shopping & dynamic retargeting were the main backbone of the strategy, as based on our research and knowledge they were the predicted largest ROAS channels.

Dynamic retargeting allowed us to integrate the Google shopping feed into retargeting ads and show customers the actual product they visited on the site. This is a really powerful tool for increasing touchpoints for the brand and the product, therefore, speeding the buying cycle for that purchase and increasing conversion rate, which in turn increases ROI.


The Pet Company is now seeing record profit months. With the full re-brand and results based marketing campaigns, this is now constantly increasing overall sales and growing the customer base. With The Pet Company coming up to its 10 year anniversary, it’s impressive to see the company growing with record profit months with the help of Proventus!

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